Made in America

You read that right, our product is 100% American made. Rest assured knowing your dollar supports domestic business.


Using four mechanics to remove a semi-hood is a dangerous waste of time. We use one person, one tool.


Meets requirements for

ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard.

The Lift King

How will the Lift King benefit you?


Whether big or small, our product lifts them all. A solo technician can quickly remove or install a semi hood, pickup box, camper top, and car or truck door. 

Your new Assistant Safety Coordinator, The Lift King.

Self releasing clutch that allows swift raising and lowering action.

Various attachments are available for the Lift King, including the Tilt Boom Attachment,

which allows you to effortlessly lift semi hoods above your head like Hercules himself.

The Lift King works in tandem with the Semi Hood Dolly for a smooth, safe, and efficient workflow with only one operator. 

If you like our Box Dolly for body work, you'll love our fendor paint stand. See it in action in the video below.


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