The Lift King - Light Duty package contains everything necessary to operate your Lift King, including the Main Component, Box Attachment, and Bushing Kit. Safely and efficiently remove and install Pickup Boxes with only one operator in a matter of minutes!  Our lift will make taking any OEM pick up bed off safely and quickly and allows other techs to stay focus on their job as no help is needed using the LIft King!


Watch this video to see our Light Duty Package in action!

Lift King - Light Duty

  • Main Component, Box Attachment, Bushing Kit

If you don't work with Semis, our lift is also for removal and installation of truck beds. Nobody looks forward to removing a bed until they own The Lift King. The Lift King works in tandem with our Box Dolly to efficiently move truck beds around your shop. The large wheels allow you to easily move the bed over paint booth grates, air hoses, extension cords, and other obstacles. Check out our video to see it in action!


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